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Developmental Hip Dysplasia: Clinical Nurse Specialists:

Olga Gallagher
Catherine Howells

Contact: (01) 4096100 (main switchboard) ext:     2377 
                                                               Bleep: 8355

Services provided:

A): For Health Professionals:   Referring patients with a query DDH.

1. Nurse Led Rapid Access Clinic: Clinic day: Alternate Tuesdays.
Referral Letters accepted from:  AMO/ GP/ Outside Consultant


CNS triages letter and appropriate appointment offered.
Letter dictated back to referring source post apt to advise on outcome.
Note: Only Hip queries will be dealt with at this Clinic. Any other Orthopaedic concerns require a separate referral.


Referral can be posted to OPD or faxed to Dept of Orthopaedics. (01) 4096927(fax no)

2. Virtual Hip Clinic:   For patients with an abnormal Hip X-Ray report.
                                       Referral letter must be accompanied by x-ray report.

                                       Referral letters accepted from: AMO/GP/Outside Consultant


Referral with attached X-ray report can be posted to OPD or faxed to Dept of Orthopaedics.                                                                                  (01)4096927   

X-ray is reviewed by an Orthopaedic Consultant at the Virtual Clinic and a recommendation made.  
Parent is contacted by CNS.

Letter dictated back to referral source to advise on outcome.   

The Virtual Hip Clinic has won two prestigious awards in the last 6 months for its efficiency in patient care.   

B) For Parents/Carers of Children with a Dislocated or Dysplastic Hip   
CNS is available for advice on all aspects of the care of a child with DDH.
Including:        Hip Dysplasia
                       Closed reduction dislocated Hip
                       Open reduction dislocated Hip
                       Pelvic Osteotomies. (Inpatient and day case surgery)


*Clinic appointments
*Theatre scheduling
*Abduction brace fitting and care.
*Hip Spica casting application and care.
*Pre and post operative advice.
*Car seat advice after bracing or Hip Spica cast.
* Hip Clinic (Nurse Led)
*Virtual Hip Clinic. 
*Letters for requesting x-rays locally.
*Drop in CNS review outside of planned Clinic apt times.
*Referrals to Occupational Therapy/Social Work dept when required.
*Referrals to Multidisciplinary team when required.

Contact: (01) 4096100   Voicemail: ext:     2377
                                                               Bleep: 8355

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