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Hip Dysplasia Products

Maxi-Cosi Opal HD Car Seat

It is possible to hire the Maxi-Cosi Opal HD car seat from Dorel UK. They are contactable at 01284413141 or uk-customercare@dorel.eu
This seat is specifically adapted for a child in a spica cast and also suitable for a child in a hip abductor brace. 
It is suitable for children up to 18kgs including hip spica.
The company deliver and collect the seat free of charge.
They are loaned on a 6 month basis.

If you already own a Maxi-Cosi car seat (receipt required) of any sort the charge is €100 deposit which is fully refundable on return of the seat. 
If you do not own a Maxi-Cosi car seat the charge is €100 and €50 is refundable on return of the seat.

More information about this is available at info@steps-charity.org.uk

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