How to Make a Referral

We accept outpatient referrals for patients from primary care (GP) within Dublin South County, Kildare and Wicklow. Referrals are also accepted nationally from Paediatricians. Children will be accepted up to the eve of their 16th Birthday.  We are currently on Health links and GP’s can make this referral via their Health links account.

If you are making a referral for a spinal consultation in order to triage this referral efficiently we would be grateful if you can organise for your patient to have an AP Lateral full spine xray to accompany this referral.

If the xray is being ordered through a public hospital the Orthopaedic Consultants can review these on the NIMIS system. Alternatively if the xray is being ordered through a private facility please forward the disc along with the referral letter.

If you are making a referral for Trauma Emergency- Please advise your patient to attend ED Department.


What to expect when we receive referral

When a referral is received the consultant priorities the letter using the following categories.

  1. Urgent

  2. Soon

  3. Routine

Parent/Guardians are issued with an outpatient appointment date or an acknowledgement letter stating that their child has been clinically triaged and placed on a waiting list.

Patients how have been sent a waiting list acknowledgement letter remain on the waiting list until an OPD appointment date becomes available. The parent/guardian is informed of this date by the OPD appointments team by telephone or by letter.

Should you have any queries please contact Emma Kane, Outpatients Manager 014096697.

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