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Medical Social Worker

Annamarie Doody & Fiona Lyons

Medical Social Worker

The Medical Social Worker:

  • Is a member of the Orthopaedic multi-disciplinary team, providing a service to the children and his/her family who are patients of the hospital.

  • Offers emotional and practical support to families, with the aim of helping families to manage any difficulties they may be experiencing especially with regard to the impact of the child’s illness or condition on the child and family.

  • Carries out assessments and short-term counselling. This may relate to pre- and post-surgery assessments and injury assessments. It may include assessment of emotional and psycho-social factors and stressors which may contribute to a child’s illness/ condition.

  • Provides a safe, confidential and supportive service for children and their families

  • Undertakes assessment of child protection and welfare concerns in conjunction with the multi-disciplinary team.

  • Links with and refers to appropriate community supports and services.

  • Advocates on behalf of the children and families with whom we work.

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