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Occupational Therapy

What is occupational therapy?


The main goal of paediatric occupational therapy is to help your child participate as fully as possible in their activities or “occupations” of everyday life. These include things like sleeping, feeding, moving, social interaction, playing and learning. An Occupational therapist will work with your child to achieve their goals regardless of whether their needs are physical, psychological or social.


Your child may be referred to our occupational therapist following orthopaedic surgery, an injury or because they are struggling in some way.


What will the occupational therapist do?


Your child’s occupational therapist may ask your child about what they like to do and what they are able to do at home or school.  They may ask about your home environment, for example, whether your child’s bedroom is upstairs or if there are steps into the house.  They may need to take measurements of your child if there is a need for special equipment like a wheelchair or splint. Sometimes the therapist is able to loan your child equipment or they will try to help you find suitable equipment in your community. If your child has to stay in hospital, the occupational therapist will work with the orthopaedic team to plan their rehabilitation and discharge home.


 Occupational therapy may include:


  • Seating or postural management

  • Advice for appropriate equipment (for example a wheelchair)

  • Assessment of motor skills

  • Assessment of self-care

  • Scar and oedema management

  • Fabrication of customised splints for arms or legs

  • Referral to community occupational therapy services


How will they be referred to occupational therapy?


The occupational therapy department accepts referrals from members of the orthopedic team for a child who is actively attending OLCHC and needs acute hospital occupational therapy assessment/intervention.




The occupational therapy service operates from Monday to Friday.  Walk in appointments from clinic cannot be guaranteed but will be facilitated if possible.


Contact Numbers:

01 409 6712 Secretary

01 409 6184 Alison Sweeney

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