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Our Dietitians

What does the Dietitian do?

A dietitian assesses each patient individually.  The will look at feeding, eating and dietary habits, as well as the nutritional status of each patient. Based on this assessement, the dietitian will provide evidence-based advice on diet and nutriton that supports medical treatment or management, and overall well-being. The dietitian works with the patient and the wider medical team to set goals that are practical, achievable and effective. 

Registered dietitians are regulated by CORU, the Health and Social Care Professionals Council. They are the only practictioners that are regulated and validated to provide nutritonal advice to patients and the public.


How to access the Dietitian

You can ask to be referred to the dietitian by the orthopaedic team. Some groups of patients will be seen as part of a dedicated orthopaedic/spinal service. Others might be offered outpatient appointments or referred to community dietetics depending on the care required.


Healthy eating for orthopaedic patients

Healthy eating is relative. For some people weight gain may be important; for others weight loss. For those with wounds, getting enough energy and protein to support healing is crucial.

To maintain a healthy weight or lose weight, a diet rich in minimally processed foods like fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and fresh, lean proteins will be helpful.

For those looking to achieve weight gain, fortification of foods and meals with fats and oils may be necessary. High calorie oral nutrition supplements may also be indicated. For some of these patients tube feeding may be necessary.



Paediatric Dietitian; CORU REG: DI010299

Tel: Dept. 409 6809

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