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Play Specialist

Hi, I’m Olivia the Play Specialist, I have been working in Crumlin Hospital for over 10 years and form part of the team working on the Orthopaedic Ward.

My role is to support the children during their stay in the hospital, I do this in several ways; through assisting children in preparation for their procedure, distraction while the Doctors and Nurses are carrying out procedures such as taking blood etc as well as therapeutic and post procedural play to ensure they remain stimulated while staying in the hospital

Within our ward we have a newly built large playroom which we encourage the children to use as much as possible and where they are unable to we facilitate some toys in their room.

For those children heading to hospital my suggestion would be to consider bringing some of the following items which may make their stay easier:

•    Their favourite toy
•    Books
•    Games
•    Portable DVD player
•    Nintendo DS
•    Arts N Crafts
•    Headphones

We have Xbox 360’s available so if they have their own game they can bring this.

Please note space is tight in the hospital so the above are suggested items and we recommend one or two of these only, also items brought into the hospital are at patients own risk

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