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What is Straight Ahead?

Straight Ahead is a medical support group affiliated to the CMRF, which provides surgery, support and medical equipment for children with orthopaedic conditions.

Straight Ahead is resourced through fundraising, donations and voluntary labour.  All monies are administered by CMRF on Straight Ahead’s behalf.

A volunteer led charity

The Straight Ahead initiative operates on a voluntary basis, with administrative support from the CMRF. Surgeons perform the operations pro-bono. The Chairman and Board of the charity give their time and expertise for free. Fundraisers and organisers of community events give selflessly of their time and efforts. Working together, Straight Ahead is changing the lives of children who might otherwise have to wait longer for surgery or treatment.

To date we have taken over 100 children off HSE waiting lists and got their surgery done in extra time

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