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Our Physiotherapists

The paediatric orthopaedic physiotherapy service involves assessment, management and treatment of patients from 0-16 years who experience limited movement, function and/or pain. Paediatric orthopaedic physiotherapists bring a range of skills, and specialist knowledge and experience of child development and of childhood conditions.   As a tertiary hospital with several regional specialties such as spinal deformity, limb reconstruction and Ponseti, orthopaedic physiotherapists in CHI at Crumlin have developed clinical expertise in the management of complex conditions. The physiotherapist individualises each intervention based on the patient’s need.

 The paediatric orthopaedic physiotherapy team manage a wide range of conditions including

  • Acute injuries such as fractures, sports injuries

  • Severs, Osgood Schlatters, Perthes, Teenage low back pain

  • In-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet

  • Congenital Talipes Equinovarus, Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip, Torticollis

  • Complex pain conditions

  • Post orthopaedic surgery management for specialist conditions such as Spinal Deformity and  Limb Reconstruction


Fionnuala Coleman 

Outpatient musculoskeletal


Ciara Cooney

Special interest in orthopaedic MSK triage and outpatient musculoskeletal


Lisa Enright

Inpatient orthopaedics, including management of patients following limb reconstruction


Aoife Foy

Outpatients musculoskeletal


Nicola Lyden

Infant orthopaedics and adolescent health, including complex pain


Claire O’Keeffe

Special interest in Spinal Disorders


Marie Ó Mír

Special interest in acute paediatric musculoskeletal physiotherapy, MSK triage and Ponseti intervention


Catrina Rodgers

Inpatient orthopaedics and outpatients musculoskeletal


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