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Surgical Day Unit

Surgical day Unit is a 11 bedded unit situated in close proximity to theatre on the first floor.


We are open Monday – Friday 07.00-19.15 closed on bank holidays.


We nurse over 5000 patients per annum with a maximum 20 patients per day.


Included in our numbers we see 140-150 emergency patients admitted to the unit for surgery, of this group 80% would be Orthopaedic trauma.


We work very closely with the Clinical Nurse Specialists in the various areas (hip dysplasia, limb lengthening, spinal).


Other specialities are…General Surgery,Opthalmology, Dermatology, Dental/max fax and gastroenterology.


Some patients are admitted morning of surgery for post operative bed afterwards (DOSA) which is of huge benefit to both families and reduces the hospital admission by one night.

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